Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Now Tim Tebow is taking heat for 'Tebowing'
But that act is getting an entirely different treatment from Tim Tebow's detractors. "Tebowing" -- the act of the ultra-religious Tebow kneeling down in prayer during games -- is trending on Twitter today. And a mocking website -- -- has ... read more

Stafford, Tebow play in different contexts
This week, Lions savior Matthew Stafford likely will take the field against Denver savior Tim Tebow, and I think we can agree: The Lions absolutely, unequivocally, must win this game. Or the next one. Or maybe the one after that. ... read more

Faster starts would alleviate pressure on Tebow
As a football player, Tebow has played just enough to become the epitome of "better late than never." To date, Tebow has been the Broncos' quarterback for five games — four starts, including three to finish the 2010 season, and the second half against ... read more


Tim Tebow - Wikipedia
Ye shall not oppose Tim Tebow
Tebow named most eligible
Tim Tebow Pictures - Denver
I think Tim Tebow will be
Jimmy Johnson on Tebow:
Congratulations to Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow

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