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ADHD, learning issues may be linked to secondhand smoke
Children exposed to secondhand smoke in their homes face a higher risk of developing attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, other behavioral problems and learning disorders, a new study finds. Children with smoke exposure ... read more

Rodent of the Week: Ritalin and Prozac -- a troubling combo for children?
Four in 10 kids who get a diagnosis of either depression or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) end up getting both diagnoses sometime in their young lives. That means a lot will spend some part of their adolescence taking two psychiatric ... read more

Secondhand Smoke May Boost Risk of Learning Problems, ADHD
Parents reported if their child had been diagnosed or treated for ADHD, behavioral and conduct disorders, or learning disabilities. ''We analyzed the relationship between parents who reported smoking in the home as opposed to those not smoking in the ... read more


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Tickets to 'Harry Potter' midnight showings are vanishing
Online ticketer announced Thursday that it had sold more tickets to midnight screenings of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" than to any other midnight movie in its history. That includes "The Dark Knight" and the "Twilight" ... read more

Nostalgia, anxiety, sadness, thrills for local 'Harry Potter' fans
It burst onto screens at 12:01 am Friday, earning a record-breaking $43.5 million in midnight premieres and $2 million on IMAX screens after selling out in advance on Fandango at an unprecedented 6000 theaters. With seven books and eight films over 14 ... read more

'Harry Potter' over $90 million Friday — box office records are falling
I am not hearing of lots more sell-outs over the weekend from the pre-sell teams at Fandango and A quick check of Saturday's showings in the big O reveals no sell-outs. Packed houses, probably, but as long as you get there a bit early ... read more


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Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo wed in top-secret island ceremony
Nearly a decade after 98 Degrees made it a hit song, Nick Lachey said "I do." The former boy bander tied the knot with Vanessa Minnillo in an intimate, top-secret tropical island ceremony, reps for the couple confirm. ... read more

Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo wed
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo wed Friday in a secret tropical island location, PEOPLE Magazine reports. The magazine quotes Minnillo, 30, as saying "This is just a stepping stone to do what we ultimately want and that's to start a family together." read more


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Team Coco Lists Detroit No. 4 On Worst Vacation Spots
DETROIT --, TBS' "Conan O'Brien Show" website, chalked up a list of the worst places to take summer vacations in the world. The website listed Detroit as the fourth worst, right between World-Famous Clothing-Optional Lizard Safari in ... read more

Conan O’Brien still rules the Internet
Soon after, he started to use Twitter to reach out to his followers, and eventually also utilized YouTube, Facebook and even a 24-hour live stream to build up momentum for his new show on TBS. Conan has kept up with tweeting even with his TBS show on ... read more

FG to depend on bonds, TBs for funds
The Federal Government is to source the sum of N852.00 billion through FGN bond and Nigerian Treasury Bills (NTBs, according to The third quarter bond auction calendar released by the Debt Management Office (DMO) which shows government borrowing plans ... read more


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