Friday, October 21, 2011

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2-year anniversary of deadly Arizona sweat lodge
James Arthur Ray, a self-help author who touted the ceremony as a spiritual rebirth, was convicted in June on three counts of negligent homicide. More than 50 people participated in the two-hour sweat lodge, a sauna-like ceremony typically used by ... read more

Prime Suspect Primed For Prime Time
We have another 2-hour Dateline NBC with host Lester Holt at 9:00pm as Chris Hansen reports on James Arthur Ray, the spiritual leader in Arizona who encouraged followers to purge themselves in sweatboxes that led to the death of three people. ... read more

Leader of sweat lodge to be sentenced Nov. 8
After several delays, pre-sentencing hearings for self-help leader James Arthur Ray have been scheduled for Nov. 8 in Prescott, Ariz. Ray was convicted in June of negligent homicide in the deaths of three people: Prior Lake resident Liz Neuman; ... read more


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James Arthur Ray
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Obama announces end of Iraq war, troops to return home by year end
Mr. Obama cast the end of the Iraq war in the larger context of a smaller US military presence around the world. "The tide of war is receding," he said, pointing to the start of a troop withdrawal in Afghanistan. "When I took office, roughly 180000 ... read more

Iraq War to end. Have Dems wiped out GOP's national security advantage?
Obama would not be president today if it weren't for the Iraq War. Hillary Clinton's inability to explain her vote for the invasion — and Obama's well-known speech against it — were what enabled a political unknown with little ... read more

End to Iraq war halts Fort Stewart deployment
The end of the Iraq war brings to a close a chapter of Fort Stewart's history that has kept its soldiers on a constant cycle of training for war and deploying overseas since the initial invasion. Quintas said the division's soldiers should reflect on ... read more


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Iraq War
Five Years of the Iraq War:
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Is The Iraq War Unwinnable
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"Martha Marcy May Marlene" kickstarts two film careers
(CBS) The reviews are in for "Martha Marcy May Marlene," and many critics are lauding the lead actresses' star performance. Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, stars in the psychological thriller about a woman who returns ... read more

'Descendants' and 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' Lead 2011 Gotham Awards Nominations
Another film that also grabs three noms is Sean Durkin's "Martha Marcy May Marlene". It is up against "Descendants" for Best Ensemble Performance prize and puts Elizabeth Olsen in the same category (Breakthrough Actor) with Woodley. ... read more

Elizabeth Olsen and Other Stars Who Stepped Out of Their Siblings' Shadows
By Annette Bourdeau (Subscribe to Annette Bourdeau's posts) When Elizabeth Olsen started garnering buzz for her performance in 'Martha Marcy May Marlene,' a lot of people reacted with "There's another Olsen sister?'" In an age where being a famous ... read more


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Martha Marcy May Marlene
Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011
�Martha Marcy May Marlene�
Sean Durkins Martha Marcy May
Martha Marcy May Marlene
Martha Marcy May Marlene,

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Suspect with "Craigslist Killer" MO charged with assault, robbery
Ronald Kroll said he's watched "The Craigslist Killer" movie but never thought something like that could happen to him. The 37-year-old New Smyrna Beach man said he found himself fighting for survival moments after he met a man who claimed interest in ... read more

Craigslist Killer Sentenced to Over 123 Years; Church Helps Family Move On
Clabon Berniard has been sentenced to over 123 years in prison for the cold-blooded shooting of Sanders – following an attempt to sell a diamond ring he posted on Craigslist in April 2011. Berniard was convicted of six charges, including first-degree ... read more

Posted Ad on Craigslist to buy Pot
Roswell - We've heard of ads posted on Craigslist for prostitution and had a Craigslist killer, but now there's an ad posted on Craigslist for someone looking to buy pot. According to ABC and Huffington Post, a New Mexico woman faces charges after ... read more


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