Saturday, November 5, 2011

Daylight savings - news and pictures


Daylight saving is a waste of time
I dislike Daylight Savings Time, but it makes for easy graphics. (This is how Daylight Savings Time looks to me. ) The only thing I hate more than daylight saving time is people who try to defend daylight saving time. ... read more

Daylight Savings Time safety tips
Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday morning at 2 AM that's when you need to set your clock back one hour. The US Fire Administration is using the occasion to encourage you to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. ... read more

Andy Rooney Dead at 92, Daylight Savings Time 2011, and Phillies sign Jim Thome
Daylight Savings Time ends tonight when we turn our clocks back at 2:00 AM Sunday morning. Just what is the point of Daylight Savings Time? It was created to reduce the usage of incandescent lighting at night, but research suggest that the savings may ... read more


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Joe frazier - news and photos


Joe Frazier seriously ill with cancer
Frazier was bitter for many years about the way Ali treated him then. More recently, he said he had forgiven Ali for repeatedly taunting him. Smokin' Joe was a small yet ferocious fighter who smothered his opponents with punches, ... read more

Former boxing champion Joe Frazier has liver cancer
All comments are filtered for vulgar language, for web addresses and for e-mail addresses. Those will cause comments to generate an error message or not to post. ... read more

Ex-Penn State coach arrested...Many still without power in Conn...Joe Frazier ill
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier is seriously ill with liver cancer. His personal and business manager says the 67-year-old boxer was diagnosed four or five weeks ago and is under hospice care. read more


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Crystal cathedral - news and pictures


Crystal Cathedral email asks for food donations for Arvella Schuller
Officials at the Crystal Cathedral told elders and other congregants that they could help founder Robert H. Schuller's wife, who is recovering from pneumonia, with food donations in lieu of cards and notes. An email sent by Pastor Jim Kok said that ... read more

Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby was among bidders for Crystal Cathedral
Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby was one of several bidders for the internationally-renowned but troubled Crystal Cathedral in California, which is about to be sold to a California religious university. BY STEVE LACKMEYER Leave a ... read more

Chapman ups offer for Crystal Cathedral
Chapman University has increased its offer to purchase the 40-acre Crystal Cathedral property by $1.5 million, taking the total offer to $51.5 million. The university also has the blessing of the church's creditors committee, ... read more


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Schuller's Wife Issues New Demands
Now, the spouse of Crystal Cathedral minister Robert Schuller has upped the ante. By OC Patch Staff Only someone with a Godzilla-sized appetite could devour carloads of food. She might be small, but Arvella Schuller has the appetite of Godzilla. ... read more

Leader of Bankrupt Church Won't Give up His Limo
Dr. Robert H. Schuller should have to give up his limo driver. God wants him to have nice things. Recently administrators at Crystal Cathedral, the Orange County megachurch that Schuller founded, emailed congregants asking for food donations so that ... read more

Living the blessed life we have been given
Who got them right John Cleese or Robert Schuller? As some of you may have figured out, I am speaking about the Beatitudes from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. In “The Life of Brian”, Cleese took his shot with such memorable lines ... read more


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