Saturday, July 9, 2011

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Television: 'SNL' repeat has Ellie Goulding
With music from Ellie Goulding, it was top-notch "SNL." Six days before the final Potter film opens, here's a chance to catch up. That starts at 9 am today with the first one, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" (2001), at 9 am The next three run ... read more

Ellie Goulding: the wedding singer
It's 1am and Ellie Goulding, her band and I are sitting in the reception of her Dublin hotel, drinking vodka smuggled out of her backstage dressing room. It has been a long night, beginning with the second of two sell-out gigs at the nearby Olympia ... read more

Ellie Goulding: 'William gushed and then asked me to sing at his wedding'
Goulding, 24, was invited to serenade William and Kate's first dance at their wedding after the couple saw her perform at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Bangor in May last year. Rapper Tinie Tempah had introduced her to the couple backstage who told her they ... read more


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Rediscovered $200 Million Da Vinci to Go on Show in London, Not for Sale
Visitor numbers may be boosted by the success of Dan Brown's 2003 bestseller “The Da Vinci Code.” (Scott Reyburn writes about the art market for Muse, the arts and culture section of Bloomberg News. Opinions expressed are his own. ... read more

'The Devil Colony' explores early U.S. mystery
It reads like “The Da Vinci Code” on steroids. The cinematic action begins on May 18 at 1:32 pm in a Utah Native American cave and ends on June 8 at 5:45 pm in the US Capitol building, Washington, DC James Rollins, author of "The Devil Colony," will be ... read more

The bizarre mathematical conundrum of Ulam's Spiral
Esther Inglis-Arkell —If there's anything we learn from math teachers and the Da Vinci Code, it's that prime numbers are magic. They can do anything, and be anywhere. Including a doodle on a math paper. In the 1960s, a gentleman known as Stanislaw ... read more


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Halle Berry's daughter Nahla given a lift by model father Gabriel Aubry
Muscular Gabriel used his free hand to carry the youngster's drawing book and backpack as they walked to his car. Gabriel is currently in the middle of a bitter custody war with Catwoman star Halle. Last month she was back in court with her powerhouse ... read more

Convicted ex-mayor of Temple City keeps pension
California Public Employees' Retirement System spokesman Bob Burton told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune that Wilson was elected to the Temple City council about 10 months before a state law took effect that would have cost her the pension. ... read more

SmackDown: Orton, Christian and Sheamus continue their three-man weave
Match 6 – Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel vs. Jimmy and Jey Uso Jimmy Uso gets the hot tag after a pretty even opening. He unloads on Slater, but Gabriel saves him from a pin attempt. Gabriel tags in and goes up top, but Slater is hurled into ropes, ... read more


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'Torchwood' Recap: "The New World" (Season Premiere)
Now before we set foot on this journey of Torchwood: Miracle Day, there's two things I've got to come clean about. The first, that I haven't seen any instance of Torchwood before this one; I'm painfully aware of the show's insane British following, ... read more

Russell T Davies promises you a Miracle
Torchwood returns next week, bigger and better than ever thanks to the BBC hopping into intergalactic bed with the Starz channel in the US. Rachel Mainwaring caught up with stars John Barrowman and Eve Myles, ... read more

'Torchwood' And 'Curb': Two Summer TV Treats
John Barrowman and Eye Myles have moved to America in the latest season of Torchwood — but that's not the only thing that's changed. The duo are now at the center of a worldwide mystery: No one on Earth is dying. ... read more


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