Friday, October 28, 2011

Grimm fairy tales - photos


'Grimm' premiere review: Better than 'Once Upon A Time,' it's its own creature
Grimm follows Once Upon A Time as the second fairy-tale themed new fall show, but it's first in quality. While it's no instant classic, it nonetheless reinterprets its classic fairy tales with vigor, some wit, and a sleek visual flair. ... read more

'Grimm' Days Ahead for NBC
Grimm, a spooky new drama from NBC, will debut just in time for Halloween this year. Loosely based on fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and others, and shot in Portland, Oregon, Grimm concerns a police officer who's able to spot monsters walking among ... read more

Exclusive Interview! Russell Hornsby Talks About 'Grimm,' The Theater + ...
Recently, I had a chance to interview a favorite actor of mine, Russell Hornsby, about his role on the new fantasy crime show Grimm, a fantasy crime series based on The Grimm's Fairytales which premieres tonight on NBC. The consummate actor has ... read more


Grimm Fairy Tales (comics)
The Complete Grimms Fairy
Grimm Fairy Tales
The Complete Grimms Fairy
Grimm Fairy Tales Annual from
Grimms Fairy Tales
Grimm Fairy Tales #1
Grimm Fairy Tales : Return to
Grimm Fairy Tales: Return To
Grimm Fairy Tales #49 Amazing

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