Sunday, November 6, 2011

What time is it - news and pictures


Daylight saving is a waste of time
I dislike Daylight Savings Time, but it makes for easy graphics. (This is how Daylight Savings Time looks to me. ) The only thing I hate more than daylight saving time is people who try to defend daylight saving time. ... read more

Billy Graham, America's most famous preacher, turns 93
Billy Graham, America's most famous evangelist across a career that lasted some six decades, the prospect of old age and death was for a long time something he tried not to think about, despite his convictions about the eternity that awaits human ... read more

As Ovechkin case shows, ice time is of the essence
All of which added to the drama, subplots, and tantalizing discomfort factor in Washington Tuesday night when the Great 8, left on the bench by Boudreau at crunch time against the Ducks, was caught on camera muttering what appeared to be an obscenity ... read more


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What Time is It? - Worksheet 1
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