Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupy portland - news and photos


Occupy Portland in standoff with police as other cities make arrests
“We're going to sit-in and force them to arrest us,” Jordan LeDoux, an Occupy Portland spokesman, said Saturday evening. In Salt Lake City, police arrested 19 people Saturday when protesters refused to leave a park a day after a man was found dead ... read more

Occupy Portland: Eviction deadline approaches at downtown parks (Live updates)
By Margaret Haberman, The Oregonian Enlarge Motoya Nakamura, The Oregonian PORTLAND, OREGON -- November 12, 2011 -- Jillian Johnsen of Occupy Portland, center, asks other occupiers to promise non-violence after they marched from Lownsdale and Chapman ... read more

Occupy Portland Participants Share Their Stories
As Occupy Portland prepared for Saturday night's deadline, many protesters were thinking about what did and didn't happen over the past five weeks. Pam Roberts was helping take down and fld plastic tarps, and loading stuffed animals and toys from the ... read more


Occupy Portland protesters
Occupy Portland faces eviction from downtown
Occupy Portland: Pre-eviction march to Pioneer Square Protesters march in
Occupy Portland: reactions
Several hundred Occupy Portland demonstrators still in Chapman and Lownsdale
Occupy Portlands midnight deadline passed without a major police
Occupy Portland tipping
Portland police say Occupy Portland protesters appear to be calling in
NALC 82 Stand with Occupy Portland. November 12th, 2011 � occupypdxer
Occupy Portland in standoff with police as other cities make arrests

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