Monday, November 28, 2011

Occupy la - pictures


Occupy LA: Police step up presence as supporters converge on City Hall
Police in helmets and face shields with batons drawn blocked a downtown intersection near City Hall early Monday morning, blocking a group of Occupy LA protesters who had swarmed onto the street and vowed to stand their ground. ... read more

Deadline Passes For Occupy Philly Eviction
AP AP PHILADELPHIA – A deadline set by the city for Occupy Philadelphia to leave the site where it has camped for some two months passed without scuffles or arrests Sunday as police watched and protesters sang and spoke of their dreams -- while some ... read more

Occupy Economics
The Occupy Wall Street movement, displaced from some key geographic locations, now enjoys a small but significant encampment among economists. Concerns about the impact of growing economic inequality fit neatly into a larger critique of ... read more


the Occupy LA protesters
analysis about Occupy LAs
Occupy L.A. defies vacate
Occupy LA protesters, who were
tent at the Occupy LA site
handle Occupy LA eviction
As deadline looms, Occupy LA
Occupy L.A. has been ordered
Occupy LA protesters say
Occupy LA stands out for

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