Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vitiligo - news and photos


Jermaine Jackson Says Prince Michael Showing Signs of Vitiligo
I'll tell you why, Prince already has signs of vitiligo, spots on his body," referring to the skin disorder Michael also had. Jermaine added, "They're doing very well." Jermaine said he wanted to write the book to "document the truth, first and for all ... read more

OFW stricken with vitiligo
SAUDI ARABIA – A Filipino art designer who is suffering from vitiligo in Damman appealed for help in facilitating his immediate repatriation. Art designer and decorator Brando Emon encountered salary-related problems that forced him to escape his ... read more

Jackson doctor's girlfriend called to testify
At first Murray ordered Benoquin, a cream used for treating vitiligo, a condition that whitens skin, Lopez said. Jackson often said he suffered from vitiligo. Murray told Lopez he had "many" African-American patients who used Benoquin. ... read more


Before vitiligo treatment
During vitiligo treatment
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The beginning of vitiligo
Vitiligo photos and related
The precise cause of vitiligo
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The cause of vitiligo is
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