Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Epstein agrees to deal with Cubs
Theo Epstein faces the task of turning around a Cubs team that lost 92 games in 2011. Red Sox GM Theo Epstein has an agreement in place to become head the of Cubs baseball operations, has confirmed. ... read more

Your Morning Phil: Theo, Hahn/Evans, Glanville
Office space at Wrigley Field has long been at a premium, and that's going to be even more of an issue if Theo Epstein does replace Jim Hendry as the Cubs' general manager. On the day that Hendry was fired, I wrote that the search to replace him should ... read more

Theo Epstein to Cubs: Ranking His 10 Greatest Moves as Boston Red Sox GM
With the announcement coming that Theo Epstein will be joining the Cubs as their General Manager this coming season, it is time to reflect back on his nine-season stint with the Red Sox. Epstein took the reins in Boston on November 25th, ... read more


Red Sox GM Theo Epstein Gets
Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein
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Why isnt Theo Epstein valued
theo epstein
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General manager Theo Epstein
GM Trade Review-Theo Epstein

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