Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The others - news and photos


GOP, others find faults with proposed map
Though the map is designed to create a re-election challenge for Bartlett, the proposal does not target Maryland's other GOP congressman, Andrew Harris. The map would actually add some Republican voters to his 1st District, largely made up of the ... read more

As others see it: Bachmann's at it again
Sixth District congresswoman Michele Bachmann has routinely used criticism of the overburden of government regulation in an effort to rebuild her withering presidential hopes. First-term US Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota's 6th Congressional ... read more

Dumanis, Others Applaud Commutation Law
SAN DIEGO -- A commutation law giving prosecutors and others with a stake in criminal cases time to write to the governor before action is taken on prison sentence represents a "major victory" for crime victims across the state, District Attorney ... read more


Picture of The Others
The Others (2001) Movie Review
The Others
Movie Of The Week: The Others
Retro Review: The Others
THE OTHERS (2001 � PG13)
The Others
Nicole Kidman in The Others.
It became the first English
Filmography, The Others

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