Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Northern lights - photos


Northern Lights Seen Across Southeast US
Red and pink streaks filled the sky across parts of the country after Earth's magnetic field was hit by a coronal mass ejection, enabling the Northern Lights to be seen across the southeastern part of the United States. The ejection hit on Monday at ... read more

Northern lights seen farther south than usual
Atlanta (CNN) -- The northern lights came to the Deep South on Monday night, making them visible hundreds of miles farther south than they normally would be. Scientists call it a coronal mass ejection. To the rest of us, the brilliant ... read more

Northern Lights Dazzle Hartland Area Residents
Michael Rosinski Shimmering greens and reds from an unexpected show of Northern Lights wowed several Hartland area residents Monday night. "It was very faint, but I've never seen them before — spectacular," said Linda Bowen, the first to post about ... read more


Northern lights over Tysfjord,
Northern lights in Finnmark,
Aurora Timelapse.ogv
Auroras Northern Nights
northern polar lights,
Alaska Northern Lights
Northern Lights in Maine
Northern Lights
Northern Lights, Northern
Northern Lights: Natures

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