Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy halloween - news and photos


Today's 5: Happy Halloween Edition
There's plenty of time to upload a picture of your kid and enter Patch's Halloween Contest. By Joe Dowd This creature rises from a front-lawn graveyard on Westbury Avenue in Plainview. Happy Halloween. After the bitter chill and rain of Saturday ... read more

Happy Halloween! Will You Trick, Treat or Enter a Costume Contest?
The nine runners-up get to pick a charity too for that $1031 donation -- the amount relates to Halloween, 10-31. Get it? If you don't have the most creative costume, but you think you're downright cute or handsome or cool, post your photos here by ... read more

Happy Halloween! Google Doodle marks holiday
The team over at Google has created another interactive homepage to mark today's Halloween holiday. The Google Doodle features a video of Google staffers carving six large pumpkins into the letters of the search giant's name. ... read more


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