Saturday, October 15, 2011

Anita hill - news and photos


Anita Hill, who led fight against sexual harassment, takes on housing crisis
Above: Hill is sworn in. Despite her testimony that he harassed her, Clarence Thomas was named a Supreme Court justice. / Left: JOHN DURICKA/Associated Press When Sandra Kent began working on bringing Anita Hill to Detroit, she was shocked that her ... read more

Anita Hill Links 'Dream Home' to True Democracy
Anita Hill meditates on the mass-marketing of the American Dream and the effect of the foreclosure crisis on our national sense of home in this excerpt from her new book "Reimagining Equality." (WOMENSENEWS)--As distressing and seemingly ... read more

Twenty Years Later: Covering the Anita Hill Story
Twenty years ago Oct. 15, I was standing on the front steps of Anita Hill's home in Norman, Okla. In Washington, the US Senate was taking up the Supreme Court nomination of Clarence Thomas. I was a TV reporter for a Dallas, Texas, station, ... read more


Anita Hill AKA Anita Faye Hill
Anita Hill
Shot of Anita Hill from
Anita Hill
Anita Hill, 1991 Thomas
Anita Hill
call Anita Hill after all
Anita Hill to Speak at Bowdoin
Anita Hill tells CNNs John
Ginni Thomas Wants Anita Hill

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